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November 2019

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Thank you Mr Bloomberg!

Dear Michael Bloomberg, I believe that I speak for many Europeans (and hopefully for even more Americans) when I welcome your bid for the presidency of the United States. ——————————– Of course, it is easy to dismiss the move if one points to the many grounds that can make such a step seem contentious, evoking, for instance, self-righteous considerations such as further reinforcing the perception that the American electoral process is a pure “money” confrontation; focus might concentrate on the former Mayor’s “unfair” advantage over the contenders for the primary nomination; one could also question the candidate’s age and, maybe, contest some aspects of his former distinguished public service. Most damaging might be the internal party debate between the left…

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“A Tweet too far”

President Trump’s standing reached a new low after his latest tweet during the testimony of Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch in front of the US House of Representatives Intelligence Committee. We witnessed “live” the humiliation and intimidation of a senior American State Department official, whose outstanding record of service was unanimously recognized by both Democrat and Republican members of the Committee. Though impeachment is both a legal and political process under which it may be difficult to muster the required quorum to remove the President from office, one would hope that the decency of the overwhelming majority of the Senators who will sit as “jury” in the impeachment trial, would, in addition to the formal case that will be made in the…

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