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September 2020

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Capital Markets Union New Action Plan

“Errare humanum est – perseverare diabolicum” On September 24th the European Commission published a Communication entitled “A Capital Markets Union for people and businesses-new action plan” (1). This is the fourth iteration of a process initiated in the early 2000’ under the name of the Financial Services Action Plan (FSAP). It received a vigorous impulse at the outset of Commission President Junker’s mandate in 2015 with the proposal to create a “Capital Markets Union” (CMU) among the then EU 28 Member States; it was further updated in a 2017 review. If over the last 20 years progress has been made, mainly in attempts to harmonize or at least coordinate rules implemented by national regulators under a shared rule book, one…

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European, Politics

Brexit: A way forward!

Boris Johnson’s inept handling of the negotiations paves the way for the creation of the: “Republic of Ireland, Ulster and Scotland” Is there light at the end of the tunnel? The British government’s statement that it is deliberately preparing to violate international law “in a precise and limited manner” is signaling “open bar” for all the conflicting nationalistic claims that are tearing apart the fabric of the United Kingdom. The bullying tactics of the PM have galvanized the resolve of separatists, overriding serious drawbacks on the economic front that would result from the breakup on the Union. Independence would – because of its shared border and currency – leave Scotland even more dependent on England than the UK is on…

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