The scourge of antisemitism is partly based on the ambiguity of the concept.

Jews are not welcome here! The resurgence of antisemitism has manifested itself recently through two emblematic occurrences: the verbal aggression of Alain Finkielkraut during a protest march of the “Yellow Jackets” in Paris and the resignation of several British Labor Members of Parliament. Unfortunately, these represent only the visible part of the iceberg which saw, in France alone in 2018, an increase of 74% of reported anti-Semitic incidents. What strikes me in particular are the findings of an IFOP poll according to which, alongside the extremes which either condone or condemn unreservedly antisemitism, the great majority of the population (60%) appears totally indifferent or, expressed otherwise, most citizens consider themselves not to be concerned. How is it possible, a mere…

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